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 This is a picture of Preston Pennington (see stone above) and his second wife Elizabeth Reynolds.  Preston was b. abt 1826 and d. 11 Nov 1864 of dysentery at Camp Nelson, Fayette Co., KY.  Elizabeth was b. abt 1832 and d. 4 Feb 1916.  They were married 18 Feb 1850 in Owsley Co., KY and were the parents of: Mary b. 1854, Tamera b. 1857, Gemima b. 1857, Martha b. 1860, and Rachel b. 1864. (These pictures was kindly provided by Lyle H. MacDowell)
Levi Pennington was b. 30 Aug 1821 and d. 29 Dec 1862.  He was the son of Abel Pennington and Elizabeth Bowling.  Levi was married to Rachel Cornett Combs and they were the parents of: Elihue b. 1843, Nancy b. 1845, Preston b. 1846, Eleanor b. 1848, Martha b. 1852, Mary b. 1852, Lucy b. 1854, John b. 1856, Orleana b. 1858, and Minitree b. 1861.  He was member of theUnion Army, in Company C, 7th Kentucky Infantry, in which he was elected First Lieutenant, and started for Camp Dick Robinson on the 18th day
of August, 1861. 

Levi Pennington was a Lieutenant under Sherman, who later received a field promotion to Captain. The promotion was confirmed by act of Congress but Pennington died at Chickasaw Bluffs, Vicksburg Mississippi, before the paper work was processed.  He was buried at Green Hill Memorial Cemetery in Jackson Co., KY.


NEW - This is a photograph of Cynthia Caroline Dickson, she was the daughter of Jefferson Adkins and Emily Dickson and granddaughter of Johanna Pennington and Douglas Dickson. Cynthia married Nathaniel Avery May, the child on Nathaniel's lap is Debbie May Campbell's grandfather, Charlie Clyde May, She kindly supplied these four pics.


NEW - Charlie Clyde May, son of Nathaniel Avery May and Cynthia Caroline Dickson


NEW - Charlie Clyde May's family: Mae Greathead(wife), Hazel(dau), Margaret(dau), William(son), and the baby is Leonard Morgan May (Debbie's father father).


NEW - Lura May daughter of Nathaniel Avery May and Cynthia Caroline Dickson.



NEW - This is a photograph of Martha Matilda Pennington and Julius Arthur Leroux.  Martha was b. 26 Aug 1849 in TN and d. 3 Jan 1911.  She married Rev. Julius Leroux in 1875.  She is the daughter of William Jordan Pennington and wife Cora and granddaughter of Benajah Pennington and Matilda Hembree.  They lived in Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO. The photo was provided by Delores McCombs.
NEW - This is a photograph of Amanda Pennington b. 16 Feb 1855.  She was the daughter of Greenberry Pennington and Letitia Robbins and granddaughter of Charles Pennington and great-granddaughter of Micajah Pennington, Jr.  She was married to Robert Mulwee on  16 Jan 1878.  We know of three children: Harvey b. 1879,  Charles b. abt 1881, and Occa Maybell b. 1885.  This picture was provided by Connie Hinkle who is a descendant of Amanda.
NEW - Joseph Gilpin Parsons was the son of Rev. Elijah Parsons and Jane Anna Edwards, and the grandson of Margaret Pennington and Joseph Parsons.  (Margaret was Micajah, Jr.'s daughter)  Joseph was b. 10 Nov 1850 in Lee Co., VA and d. 1 Dec 1925.  He was married to Elizabeth Ann Edwards who was b. abt 1858 and d. 1903 of TB.  Their daughter Rosa Lee is pictured with her parents.  She was b. 1890.  This picture was provided by Al Edwards.
NEW -This is a photo of Rose Lee Parsons with her husband Shiloh Noble and daughter Dorothy.  See above for further info on her ancestry.  This picture was provided by Al Edwards.


We don't have identification for the following photographs.  If you have any info on these photos, please contact me (Carmen M. Johnson), with the photo number and any pertinent information, i.e. name, dates, places, relationships.  Thank you! (Photos from Barbara Carlile and Diane Holdridge)

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If you have any questions, comments, or info about the above pictures...please drop me a line.

Carmen M. Johnson

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