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Many of the following photographs have been contributed by Barbara Carlile and Diane Holdridge.  Many are unidentified, so if you recognize them let me and Barbara know.  They are all associated with Penningtons...most of them with the descendants of Greenberry Pennington, who was the grandson of Micajah Pennington, Jr. Also included are some photos provided by Gene Pennington, Gayle Stephens, Dennis Johnson & Mary Jo Dailey.  Some are also associated with the Robbins family which intermarried with several Penningtons. Special thanks to Barbara, Gayle, Mary Jo, Dennis, Gene & Diane for their generosity!


Rachel Pennington and William Yeary - Rachel Pennington is the daughter of Levi Pennington and Elizabeth Zion, and granddaughter of Edward Pennington & Martha Flanary.  She is pictured above and below with her second husband William Yeary.  Her first husband was Jacob Collinsworth. - Special Thanks to Judy Collinsworth for these pictures



This is John Thomas Collinsworth and his wife Leona Josephine Stingley.  John Thomas Collinsworth is the son of Rachel Pennington and Jacob Collinsworth. (See Above)


RebeccaPennington.jpg (24448 bytes)BenjaminHall.jpg (15882 bytes)

Rebecca Pennington b. 19 Aug 1872 d. 11 Mar 1965.  Daughter of Greenberry Pennington and Letitia Robbins.  Married to Benjamin Franklin Hall 17 Apr 1889, pictured on the right. (Provided by Barbara Carlile)


A. SarahPenningtonGarison.jpg (31252 bytes) B.  PollyGarrison.jpg (62670 bytes) C. SallieGarSarahPen.jpg (76248 bytes)

Sarah Pennington b. 1848, daughter of Greenberry Pennington & Letitia Robbins.  Salie Garison and James M. Garrison pictured with her.  (I would like more info on this line...I do not have any further info) Photo B. is a picture of Polly Garrison.  Photo C. is either of picture of Sarah Pennington or Sallie Garrison. (Photo A from Barbara Carlile, Photo B. & C. from Gayle Stephens)

CharlesPenningtonFam.jpg (84532 bytes)

Charles Pennington, II, son of Greenberry Pennington & Letitia Robbins, b. 18 Nov 1862 d. 14 Jun 1932 m. 30 Oct 1881,  Arminta Clarkson b. 1869 d. 1936. Children: Bradley b. 16 Apr 1894, Mae b. 03 Oct 1899, Frederick, Ezra, Leslie, Sarah Ellen, William, and Ballard.  (I have written the dates that I have, I do not have an identification for the children in the picture.) (Photo provided by Barbara Carlile)

lavina.jpg (42449 bytes)
Lavinia Pennington, daughter of Charles Pennington & Dinah Parsons, b. 04 Jan 1845 d. 05 Jul 1919 m. Anderson Robbins 15 Oct 1865. (Photo provided by Diane Holdridge)

A. MarthaBellRobbins.jpg (34496 bytes) B.   mattieha.jpg (24921 bytes)

Martha Bell Robbins, b. 24 Sept 1873 d. Jun 1945, daughter of Lavinia Pennington and Anderson Robbins. Lavinia is the daughter of Charles Pennington and Diana Parsons.  She was married to John Lee Robbins.  Also pictured with Martha Bell Robbins on the left is her son, Harry Eldridge Robbins. (Photo A from Barbara Carlile, Photo B from Diane Holdridge)

Laviniafam.jpg (35759 bytes)

Lavinia Pennington & Anderson Robbins family.
Back row: John Robbins, Frank Holdsclaw, Arlene Robbins Holdsclaw, Charles Robbins
Front Row: Martha Belle Robbins, Harry Robbins, Lavina Pennington Robbins, 
America Robbins (Photo from
Diane Holdridge)

FlossieRobbins.jpg (12526 bytes)
Flossie Robbins, daughter of Zach and Vesta Robbins. 
(Photo from Barbara Carlile)

AJPennfam.jpg (59065 bytes)

A photograph of the children of Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington, 
b. 30 October 1824, son of Benajah Pennington.  Pictured are:  Back
row standing, left to right - William Jordan Pennington, b. 14 September
1857 - Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington, Jr., b. 23 July 1852 - James Newton
Pennington, b. 27 February 1850.  Front row seated, left to right - Miranda
Avaline Pennington, (also known as Melissa) b. 17 December 1854, Matilda
Caroline Pennington, (also known as Elizabeth) b. 13 April 1847.  Photograph
was taken circa 1927, possibly in Texas.

Thanks to Gene Pennington for this photograph.

JohnDPenn.jpg (68569 bytes)

John Dees or Dess Pennington b. 05 Oct 1802 d. 29 Dec 1891 m. 02 Jan 1823
 Rachel Zion b. 22 Jan 1807 d. 15 Jun 1885.  John D. Pennington is the son of Edward "Neddie" Pennington and Martha Flanary.  (Photo from Mary Jo Dailey)

JohnBPenn.jpg (106160 bytes)

Left to right...Judge Banner, John B. Pennington (father), James Howard Pennington,
Martha Margarete Peters (mother), Ella Cleo Pennington (baby) 
John B. Pennington is a son of John Dess Pennington and Rachel Zion.
(Photo from Mary Jo Dailey)

Gab2.jpg (333113 bytes) This is a photograph of
Elizabeth Johnson and William Gabbard.  Elizabeth is the daughter of Dr. Samuel Johnston and Rachel Pennington.  Samuel Johnston is a son of Sarah Pennington and Samuel Johnston.  Rachel Pennington is the daughter of Elizabeth Bolling and Abel Pennington and the granddaughter of Mary Pennington and Jesse Bowling.  (Photo from Dennis Johnson)

AblePen.jpg (123716 bytes)
This is a photograph of Abel Pennington II,
 the son of John B. Pennington and Sarah Moore and 
the grandson of Elizabeth Bowling and Abel Pennington.  
Dennis Johnson, who supplied the picture,
says that Abel Pennington II was never seen in public without
his gold tipped cane, and top hat!

Jim Pennington has written me to say that this is a photo of Abel Pennington,
husband of Elizabeth Bowling and not their grandson. 
I've been unable to contact Dennis Johnson to confirm this information.

Pen_stng.jpg (30227 bytes)

This is a photograph of John Barton Pennington b. 25 Apr 1820.  He is the son of Benajah Pennington and Matilda Hembree.  He was married to Sarah Elizabeth Hembree.  This photograph was supplied by Stephen Crawford.  He tells me that John Barton Pennington was a part of the Whitman Party that immigrated west in 1843.  These immigrants were among the first immigrants to settle in the Oregon territory. 

ElihuRiley.jpg (43645 bytes)
Elihu Riley b. 28 Sept 1845 d. 30 Mar 1892 was the son of "Gentleman" John Riley and Jane "Jennie" Johnston.  Jane Johnston was the daughter of Sarah Pennington & Samuel Johnston.  He was married Maxaline "Massie" Baker and lived in Breathitt Co., KY.

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