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The goal of this page is to share photographs that might be of interest to other group members.  One of the types of photographs that will be featured here are gravestone pictures.  Many of us do not have an opportunity to view our ancestor's graves...and seeing these photos can give us that opportunity.  I would be pleased to place family photos of early Penningtons, or pictures of Pennington landmarks.  If you have photos like this and you are willing to share...please let me know. Please note that when you see a small picture, that the photograph is a thumbnail view.  You should click on the picture to see a larger version of the picture.  If you have any problems...please let me know.

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Charles Pennington.jpg (144070 bytes)

Charles Pennington's gravestone Anderson Cemetery, Lee Co., VA. The one on the right was placed later by a Ron & Donna Pennington... If anyone knows who Ron and Donna Pennington are, please let us know! 
He is the son of Micajah Pennington, Jr. 
and Cynthia Corey Jones.

Photo provided by Wanda Lombardo.


Letitia Robbins stone.jpg (73428 bytes)

Green Berry Pennington is a son of the above Charles Pennington. It is unknown  as to where he is buried...probably KY.  Greenberry or Green Berry had three wives:  Letitia Robbins m. 1846, Susan Holmes Witt m. 6 May 1871,
 and Cynthia Parsons m. 27 May 1893.
This stone is located at Robbins Chapel Cemetery, Lee Co., VA.  and is the grave of Letitia Robbins Pennington. The stone at the right is behind the stone pictured on the left.

Photo provided by Wanda Lombardo

Martha Jane Pennington is the daughter of Green Berry Pennington and Letitia Robbins. Stone located at Robbins Chapel Cemetery, Lee Co., provided by Wanda Lombardo.
Benajahclose.jpg (53634 bytes)

(1) A close view of a photograph taken in December 1993 of the gravestone of Benagah Pennington, b. 1770, in the graveyard at Stockton City, Cedar Co., MO. by Omer C. Pennington, Jr.  

Benagah Pennington - (2)  The inscription reads: 
 On the left hand side of the stone - MATILDA wife of B.
PENNINGTON born June 25, 1779 died Aug. 20, 1878.  On the right hand side of the stone - BENAGA PENNINGTON (notice spelling of Benagah) born Aug. 18 1770 died Oct. 18, 1855.

Thanks to Gene Pennington for pictures of the graves.
 (Note...this Benajah Pennington may be a son of Andrew Pennington, who was a brother of Micajah Pennington)

BenajahPenn.jpg (44979 bytes)
*NEW - Andrew J. Pennington and Sarah V. Wann gravestones: This is Gene Pennington's gr-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington, Jr., b. 23 Jul 1852, m. 1 Jan 1885, d. 13 Jul 1941 and his wife, Sarah Virginia Wann, b. 9 Feb 1869, d. 13 Mar 1911. This is in the French Prairie Cemetery, Ione, Logan Co., AR.  Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington, Jr. is the son of Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington and Roseda Tankersly and the grandson of Benajah Pennington.  This is the Benajay noted above who is probably the son of Andrew Pennington and nephew of Micajah Pennington.

Thanks to Gene Pennington for pictures of these graves.

*NEW - Omer C. Pennington and Ruth M Stickney gravestone: This is Gene's grandfather and grandmother. Omer Cyril Pennington, b. 10 Jan 1898, m. 4 Jun 1920, d. 8 Oct 1871 and Ruth Mabel Stickney, b. 7 Mar 1902, d. 20 Jan 1980. This is in the French Prairie Cemetery, Ione, Logan Co., AR. Omer is the above Andrew Jackson Monroe Pennington, Jr.'s  & Sarah Wann's son.


Samj.jpg (59286 bytes) This is a photograph of Dr. Samuel Johnston's gravestone.  He is the son of Sarah Pennington and Samuel Johnson.  Samuel, Jr. is also married to Rachel Pennington, the daughter of Elizabeth Bowling (see stone below) and Abel Pennington, and granddaughter of Mary Pennington. (Please remember that the Mary and Sarah that I speak of are Micajah's and Rachel Pennington's daughters)  Special thanks to Dennis Johnson for this photograph...he is a direct descendant of Dr. Samuel Johnston.
This is a picture of Preston Pennington's gravestone located in Fayette Co., KY at Camp Nelson.  Preston was the son of Elizabeth Bowling and Abel Pennington. His descendants would be members of both Group 30 and Group 7.  Special thanks to Patty Bryant for supplying the picture.
Levi Pennington was a Lieutenant under Sherman, who later received a field promotion to Captain. The promotion was confirmed by act of Congress but Pennington died at Chickasaw Bluffs, Vicksburg Mississippi, before the paper work was processed.  He was buried at Green Hill Memorial Cemetery in Jackson Co., KY.
Elizabeth "Betsy" Bowling was the daughter of Mary Pennington and Jesse Bowling.  Elizabeth was b. 4 Apr 1794 and d. Feb 1866. She was married to Abel Pennington III (of Group 30) and had six children.  Two of her sons, Preston & Levi, were killed in the Civil War (see above).  Her daughter Rachel Pennington, married Samuel Johnston, Jr. who was the son of Sarah Pennington and Samuel Johnston.  Elizabeth Bowling Pennington is buried at Green Hill Memorial Cemetery in Jackson Co., KY. (Special thanks to Diane Dunn Freeman for the Levi Pennington pictures and Elizabeth Bowling's stone)
  I took these picture while I was in Ashe Co., NC.  I came upon them by accident.  These were taken in the Smethport Cemetery in the community of Smethport. Reuben Elliott was b. 3 Dec 1855 and d. 6 Jun 1929.  He was married to Mary "Polly" Pennington on 10 Jul 1875.  Polly Pennington was b. 27 Jun 1857 and d. 15 Jul 1934 and is the daughter of Harvey Pennington and Easter Little.
This picture was taken at the same cemetery and Wiley Elliott is the son of Polly Pennington and Reuben Elliott.
Harvey Pennington was b. 29 Feb 1828 and d. 21 Apr 1922 and was the son of Levi Pennington and Elizabeth Henson.  He was married to Easter Little around 1850.  He is listed as being buried in the Pennington Family Cemetery, Hurricane Twp., Ashe Co., NC in the Ashe Co., NC Cemetery Books...but Rosalie Graham, who supplied this picture said that it was taken at the Little Windfall Rd. in Lansing, Ashe Co., NC.  Perhaps someone can tell me if that is the same area.
*NEW -  Luke Pennington and Bessie Phillips Pennington.  Luke is the son of Elijah Ambrose "Coon" Pennington (b August 4, 1868, d April 7, 1936) and Polly Jane Osborne), great-grandson of Levi Pennington and Elizabeth Henson.  This photograph was taken at Double Springs Cemetery in Lincoln Co., KY and kindly provided by Carolyn Walters.
*NEW -Walter H. Phillips and Lula J. Pennington Phillips b Mar 10, 1900 d October 9, 1984 - Lula Jane Pennington Phillips is the brother of Luke Pennington and daughter of Elijah   Ambrose "Coon" Pennington (b August 4, 1868, d April 7, 1936) and Polly Jane Osborne (b July 14, 1872).  The man looking over the tombstone is Carolyn's father, Howard Walter Phillips, son of Walter and Lula.  This photo was also taken at Double Springs Cemetery in Lincoln Co., KY. Photo provided by Carolyn Walters.


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